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Should couple go for Pregnancy & HIV test before marriage

September 30, 2009

Pregnancy before marriages considered a cataclysmal social ill so the US government has stepped in, determined to curtail this sad phenomenon. The number of births out of wedlock is decreasing gradually – thanks to government and community efforts – but there is still quite a number of teenagers who are getting pregnant without benefit of marriage not only in North America but also in other parts of the world.

The portrayal of pregnancy out of marriage has been dramatic, and when we hear of young women heavy with child with no spouse to help raise the future child, our hearts go out to them. It’s like children nurturing children. It isn’t fair to have a girl barely out of her teens to be saddled with a child that she has to look after for the next 18 years. At least we hope she has the necessary resources and support systems to see her through this stage of her life.

A pregnant teen who is not married also makes one think of the kind of future she will have – how her dreams and career aspirations will have to be delegated to the back burner for a few years until the child starts attending school.

Pregnancy Before Marriage – Government’s Contributions

The American nation is fortunate in that there are provisions in place to help reduce the incidence of pregnancies out of marriage. One such measure is the welfare law of 1996. Some of its provisions include:

  • A federal budget of $50 million annually to teach kids abstinence education,
  • Measures to ensure that paternity is established and child support payments are made,
  • Federal measures requiring all 52 states to initiate action in reducing out-of-wedlock pregnancies, with a special emphasis on teen pregnancies.

The 1996 welfare law carries other provisions targeted to reduce pregnancy out of marriage. Governmental measures have met with controversy but the general view is that if we know how to achieve these goals relating to births out of wedlock, then we are doing the best we can to improve the quality of life of children.

A society relies on individual communities to make sure children are allowed to develop mentally and emotionally so that they grow up to be productive citizens. In turn, communities rely on individual families to make sure that children are properly fed, nurtured, schooled and coached about life. Part of that education and coaching must include the avoidance of getting pregnant when not yet married.

In October 2001, an article by Isabel V. Sawhill which was published on the website of the Brookings Institution, Social Policy Section, addressed this issue. The Brookings Institution is a prestigious think tank and is dedicated to addressing the country’s social concerns. Ms Sawhill said, “Almost everyone is in favor of reducing teen pregnancy…teen pregnancy and birthrates have declined during the 1990s, which in turn has contributed to the leveling off of the proportion of all children born to unwed mothers. When Congress reauthorizes the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reform Act in 2002, it should build on this success by providing additional funds for teen pregnancy prevention efforts while maintaining the emphasis on work and child support enforcement.”

That’s quite a tall order coming from a private citizen. Lest we forget, governments have other problems to tackle as well. Reducing pregnancy out of marriage must be an individual responsibility and each family must do its part to protect offspring.

Pregnancy Before Marriage – Teens Explain Why

We’ve heard the same refrain over and over again. It’s not so much a question of wanting a child that teens become pregnant out of marriage. We suspect it has a lot to do with their need for affection which they don’t get at home. By seeking comfort and support elsewhere, there’s always the risk of perceiving affection the wrong way. They think that by engaging in sexual relations with their boyfriends, they’ve got that part of their emotional life under lock and key.

Not quite. Many wake up the morning after to find their intended beloved gone.

Okay, so maybe it’s not a craving for love and affection. Maybe it’s the desire to keep up with things fashionable and “cool.” Take a recent news report on Fox that featured a pregnant 14 year old British girl who said that the latest thing in fashion these days is not the Paris Hilton handbag, but getting “banged up.” This came from a pregnant teenager who says that four of her friends are also expecting. Kizzy Neal – that’s her name – told Fox News that her teenaged friends think babies are very cute little things, but then they are not aware that seen from a larger perspective, they realize, somewhat late, that they’re giving up their entire lives to care for a baby.

It was also reported that in all of Europe, England and Wales have the highest teen pregnancy rates, with the largest growth among girls under 16.

Then you have the lack of control versus too much control. We’re talking about parental control. Maybe teens are feeling a bit suffocated by the well-meaning encroachment into their private lives by their folks at home. They can’t even surf the Net anymore with all the blockers set up by their parents.

“I felt I was wearing a dog collar around my neck all the time. With mom and dad, it was always don’t do this, don’t do that. I didn’t think they had a right to prevent me from being happy and hanging out with my boyfriend. One day it got so bad – the fighting – that I ran away and asked my boyfriend to have sex with me. Just to spite my folks, you know.”

Pregnancy Before Marriage – What Happens to Pregnant Teens?

What happens to teens who are suddenly pregnant?

The profile actually looks rather dismal. Teenagers who get pregnant have a lower chance of completing their secondary education (only 1/3 of them graduate from high school). Between 1% and 2% of teenage mothers finish university by age 30. They are also most likely to go on welfare. About 80% of them are on welfare.

Children born to unwed teenagers have lower birth weights and tend to perform poorly academically. They are also at greater risk of abuse and neglect.

And no wonder the government is concerned and is taking measures to put an end to this sociological problem. Reports show that sons of teenagers have a 13% higher chance of ending up in prison, while daughters of teenagers have a 22% likelihood of becoming pregnant themselves when they reach their teens.

Pregnancy Before Marriage – Breaking Past the Emotional Barrier

Teenagers who suddenly learn they are pregnant are gripped with fear and are confused. Matters become worse when the boyfriend they thought was a real gentleman declares he doesn’t want to have to do anything with her or the child. Oh sure, many of them take responsibility for their actions, but there are guys out there who would rather walk out.

When teenagers are faced with this situation, their first reflex action is to run away, so that their parents need not know about their predicament. This may not be such a wise decision.

A teenager who got pregnant at 15 felt it was the time she needed to talk to her mother the most. Before her pregnancy, she avoided her mother like the plague. Not sure of how her mother would react to the news, she felt anyway that her mother needed to know, so she mustered the courage to finally tell her. To her surprise, her mother just hugged her and said, “we’ll go through this together.”

United State protect Afghan civilians

June 12, 2009

The incoming US general in charge of troops in Afghanistan says his priority will be to review all NATO operations in a bid to reduce civilian casualties.Gen Stanley McChrystal said the population needed protection from the enemy, but also “from the unintended consequences of our operation”. His comments come as regional commander Gen David Petraeus said violent attacks by insurgents have worsened. They are at the highest level since the Taliban were toppled in 2001. There are currently more than 70,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan, mostly under Nato command. The Obama administration plans to send an additional 21,000 troops. “When we are in position, one of the things we’ll do is reviewing all of our rules of engagement and all the instructions to our units, with the emphasis that we are fighting for the population. That involves protecting them both from the enemy and from unintended consequences of our operation; because we know that although an operation may be conducted for the right reason, if it has negative effects it can have a negative outcome for everyone.” Correspondents say civilian casualties are causing growing public outrage throughout Afghanistan and friction between the US and Afghan governments.

Gen McChrystal said his aim was to prevent the re-emergence of al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, blocking any future “safe havens” in Afghanistan. He will bring as many as 400 senior staff with him to Afghanistan to implement changes in how the US approaches the war.

Asked if it would be a long-term operation in Afghanistan,: “It will go on until we achieve the kind of progress we want to achieve. He said he looked forward to continuing and increasing the partnership with British forces in Afghanistan. Without expressly calling for long-term reinforcements he made it clear that any increase in British troop’s numbers would be very welcome.

High-value’ targets: With his experience of going after Saddam Hussein and other high-profile leaders, Gen McChrystal said he was not prepared to predict what would happen to Osama bin Laden, although he did say there was “a requirement to go after significant leaders”. If we win this effort it will be because we protected the population and going after the high-value enemy targets will just be a supporting effort to do that.” Gen Petraeus, who oversees US military operations across the Middle East, as well as in Afghanistan and Central Asia, said attacks had worsened over the past two years and reached a new high in the past week. He said difficult times ahead were partly because US forces were targeting what he called militant sanctuaries and safe havens.

New challenges: There were more than 400 insurgent attacks last week, compared with less than 50 per week in January 2004. Some of this will go up because we are going to go after their sanctuaries and safe havens as we must,” Gen Petraeus, who heads US Central Command, said in a speech at the Washington think-tank Center for a New American Security. But there is no question the situation has deteriorated over the course of the past two years in particular and there are difficult times ahead.” Gen Petraeus said he was facing challenges in Afghanistan which had not featured during his time in Iraq and which included difficulties in relations with local people. He stressed the need for “being good partners and good neighbors and having enormous concern, needless to say, about civilian casualties in everything we do”.

Special squad of India

May 27, 2009

India along with whole world is facing the threat of terrorism in different forms. Keeping this in the mind several state governments created their own special force. To handle terror related threated, STF, HUNTERS, GREYHOUND are some of the special squad to tackle terrorism and related violence.

What is Marcos?-“Marcos is short form of “ ”Marine commandos” also known as marine commando force (MCF)It is an elite special operation unit of the India navy .MARCOS group came into being in 1987 Along with the NSG. The first unit was called The Indian marine special force /and was later remand as Marine commando force (MCF) in 1991. They are also locally known as the Dadiwaly Fauj since they are only the unit of the Indian armed force that permits non skis recruits to maintain breads. MARCOS is very secretive organization & it is said that no officer never reveled he is with MARCOS .The MCF currently operates out of the navel based at Mumbai based INS.


What is ATS: The anti terrorism squad as it is usually called Anti-terrorist squad is a unit of about 30-35 officers of the state police to tackle the terrorism menaces .It is formed with the special objective.

  • To get information about the anti-national element
  • To coordinate with the central information agency like IB,RAW & exchange information with them
  • To track & eliminate activities of mafia & other organized crime syndicates
  • To detect racket of counterfeit currency note & smuggling narcotic substances
  • To coordinate with similar agency of other state

What is ATF: Special Task Force is a generally armed regular unit of a state government police created to undertake specific or special task such as check dacoits of chamble of Madhya Pradesh, counter militancy of Assam

What is NSG: National security guard is a special unit preliminarily utilized for counter terrorism activities .It was created by the Cabinets secretariat under the national security guard act of the parliament in 1985. The NSG operates under the ministry of Home affairs .The NSG member is called Black Cat.


What is SPG: Special Protection Groups is the executive protection agency of the govt. of India. It is responsible for the protection of the political official, & theirs family member .The force was established in 1985.The SPG personnel are under go a tanning similar to that conducted by the united state of secrete service.


May 27, 2009

November 26 ,2008 turned out to be a real black day for Mumbai as the terrorist attack ed in several places in Mumbai .Famous heritage icon like Hotel Taj,Oberoi ,Chatrapatisivaji terminal ,and many other place were attack by few unidentified group of people .Hundred were injured & many got killed in the incident. The terrorist hostages many people for almost three days .This was the first ever attack where the assailants killed many people and dared to come in limelite.National security Guard (NSG),Mumbai ATS,State reserve police force& other commando are sent to the site .The battle took place for almost three days before combing & sanitizing the whole area. Hotel Taj took the longest time to take to complete sanitized of the terrorist. The entire terrorist got killed under the operation & one got arrested .Many police personnel and chief also got killed in the operation. In the whole operation 9 terrorist, 20 security perssone, 183 civilian got killed. Many foreign tourists were also killed in that whole operation. More than 300 person were injured .The whole act took almost four days before getting all the areas cleared off & ensuring that would be no other assailant left. The whole World was stunned and watches the incident with awe .The incident was also linked to terrorist outfit in Pakistan.


For this we need to many things ,but most importantly we need to fix our crime justice system to ensure that such criminal injustice are prevented and who are those guilty are swiftly brought to books .We have a largely insensitive ,communal ,corrupt and failed judicial system .therefore we need a major public campaign for that .