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Tsunami in Pacific islands

September 30, 2009

Tsunami in Pacific islands

A tsunami triggered by a strong quake in the South Pacific has killed at least 34 people in Samoa, say reports.Samoa’s delegate to the US Congress, Eni Faleomavaega, told AFP thousands of people had been left homeless. Dr Lemalu Fiu, at a hospital in the Samoan capital, Apia, said the number of casualties was expected to rise as people arrived from coastal areas. An 8.3-magnitude quake struck at 1748 GMT, generating 15ft (4.5m) waves in some areas of Samoa and American Samoa.

The Samoa islands comprise two separate entities – the nation of Samoa and American Samoa, a US territory – with a total population of about 250,000 people. A tsunami warning was issued, but it has now been cancelled. President Barack Obama has declared a major disaster in American Samoa, enabling federal funding to made available to help victims.

Floating cars

Some of the areas there are only a few feet above sea level, so you can imagine the devastation,” said Mr Faleomavaega. It caused severe damage to property, there are cars floating everywhere.” Mase Akapo, a National Weather Service meteorologist in American Samoa, told the AP news agency that at least 14 people had been killed in four different villages on the main island of Tutuila. He said another 20 people had died Samoa Talutala Mauala, Secretary General of the Red Cross in Samoa, said she was travelling to the country’s south coast, where injuries had also been reported.

“We won’t know the full extent of the damage until we get there and see for ourselves,” she said. Ms Mauala said it could take many months for people to rebuild their homes.

An Associated Press reporter said he had seen “bodies everywhere” in the main hospital in Lalomanu, on Samoa‘s main island of Upolu, including at least one child. South Korea‘s Yonhap news agency has reported that three South Koreans were among the dead and one is still missing.

Beaches gone

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC) said the quake struck at a depth of 33km (20 miles) some 190km (120 miles) from Apia. Waves of 5.1ft (1.57m) hit Apia and Pago Pago in American Samoa.

Radio New Zealand quoted Samoan residents as saying that villages were inundated and homes and cars swept away. Graeme Ansell, a New Zealander near Apia, told the radio station the beach village of Sau Sau Beach Fale had been “wiped out”.

There’s not a building standing. We’ve all clambered up hills, and one of our party has a broken leg. There will be people in a great lot of need around here,” he said. Samoalive News said local radio stations had been receiving reports of high sea swells hitting coastal areas on the eastern and southern side of Upolu island

School has been called off for the day with tsunami warnings calling for people to head to higher grounds,” the website said. Witnesses have reported scenes of destruction.

It’s horrible… The village is gone and my once beautiful beach front villa has now been submerged in water,” Josh Nayangu told the BBC after fleeing the area on a small fishing boat with his wife and son. Ula Osasa-Mano, who was visiting family on the island, told the BBC the water along the Apia seawall was turbulent. The water was kind of swirling like a spa pool outwards [towards] the rim of the lagoon and in a few seconds the water sunk,” Ula Osasa-Mano said.

General alert

The PTWC – a branch of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – issued a general alert for the South Pacific region.

Stuart Weinstein, the deputy director of the PTWC, told the BBC that the agency was monitoring the situation, but said the wave was expected to be “much smaller” than the 2004 Asian tsunami which killed about 230,000 people in 11 countries. Mr Weinstein said Tuesday’s quake had only had 3% of the energy generated by the 2004 quake.

Online thieves step up bank raids

September 30, 2009

Cyber-criminals have developed sophisticated ways to remain undetected, a new report finds.The report, from security firm Finjan, describes how one gang, based in the Ukraine, stole 300,000 euros (£269,000) in 22 days.

It used a sophisticated piece of malicious software which fooled banks’ anti-fraud systems as well as forging bank statements to hide the thefts.

It also recruited innocent job-seekers as so-called money mules.

Such mules were needed to prevent a direct money trail being traced back to the gang.

The specific attack, monitored during the month of August, was aimed at the customers of several German online banks.

The German police have been informed.

The server used by the gang has been frozen although it is not known whether gang members have actually been caught.

Specific criteria

The gang used infected and fake websites to spread the trojan, a piece of malicious code which, once installed, can access all the data on the infected machine.

From a command and control server hosted in the Ukraine, the code was installed on the computers of bank account holders.

The trojan received specific instructions about how much money to steal from each account as well as the details of the money mule’s account into which the money was transferred.

Finjan’s chief technology officer Yuval Ben-Itzhak said he was surprised at the level of sophistication employed by the gang.

The code included very specific criteria to make sure the bank accounts of victims were not completely emptied and to ensure the amount being stolen was not so high that it would be detected by banks’ anti-fraud systems.

To further obfuscate their crimes, the code used by the gang was able to generate a forged screen showing the transfer of a small amount of money.

The real amount stolen would only be obvious to the victim if they logged into their account from an uninfected computer.

They wanted to make sure the victim would not find out from their statements. In some cases they deleted transactions completely,” said Mr Ben-Itzhak.

Anti-fraud systems are designed to detect unusual money transfers, as well as strange behaviour on customers accounts.

Money-making schemes

Money mules are increasingly being recruited by cybercriminals as a way of preventing police finding a direct link to them.

We have spotted money mules being used in the last six months or so,” said Mr Ben-Itzhak.

The recession has made it easier to recruit people, he thinks.

There are more people looking for jobs and if an attractive job offer drops into their inbox, they are going to take it,” he said.

The Ukrainian cyber-criminals hired its “mules” by falsely telling them they would be working for a legitimate business.

These “mules” were unaware that they are being sent stolen money, but believed that they are being paid for working from home or other moneymaking schemes.

The money mules in this particular case are being treated as innocent victims and, although they will be questioned, will not face prosecution.

Philippine flood disaster

September 29, 2009

The death toll in the Philippines from Tropical Storm Ketsana climbed to 246 as the government, under fire for its response to the flooding, said the economy may grow less than forecast amid mounting cyclone damage.

At least 38 people are missing, the National Disaster Coordinating Council agency said in a report at 3 p.m. today. Gwen Pang, secretary general of the Philippine National Red Cross, said in a Bloomberg television interview she expects the number of fatalities to increase.

More than 1.9 million people were affected by the floods and 567,000 people are in evacuation centers, the council said. The government declared a “state of calamity” for the Manila metropolitan region and other parts of Luzon island as well as Mindoro island to the south.

Ketsana, named after a tree in Laos, dropped more than a month’s rain on northern Manila, the weather bureau said. About 411 millimeters (16 inches) fell there, exceeding the September monthly average of 391 millimeters and the bureau’s record for one day of 331 millimeters in 1967.

“The recent storm could reduce the real GDP growth rate in full year 2009 by at least 0.043 percentage points,” Economic Planning Secretary Augusto Santos said in a statement, citing his presentation to President Gloria Arroyo today. Growth may slow to a range of 0.7 percent to 1.7 percent compared to a target of 0.8 percent to 1.8 percent, he said.

The government will keep the target “for now,” Santos said, citing stronger-than-forecast overseas remittances that make up about 10 percent of the economy.

Damage to infrastructure and farm production caused by the cyclone is estimated at 4.7 billion pesos ($98.8 million), the disaster coordinating council said.

Failure of Planning

There was “a failure of planning, anticipation and management,” said Mario Taguiwalo, president of the National Institute for Policy Studies in Manila. “If you compare the number rescued versus the people at grave risk, they were reaching a very small percentage.”

President Arroyo and her ministers donated two months of their salaries to the Department of Social Welfare to help those affected by the floods, Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro said after a meeting of the Cabinet today. Cabinet members earn less than $1,000 a month.

The Cabinet also said government employees will get their Christmas bonuses, equal to one month’s salary, early and recommended companies do the same.

People flocked to the Malacanang Palace, the president’s official residence in western Manila, for aid today, after Arroyo said yesterday she would open it for relief supplies and as an evacuation center.

While most of the waters in Manila have receded, areas including Pasig in the eastern part of the city of almost 12 million people and Cainta in Rizal province remain flooded. Residents and government workers are cleaning homes, buildings and neighborhoods of everything from mud to cars involved in accidents.

Schools in Manila and some surrounding areas will remain shut through Friday, the government said. College students will be mobilized to clean up schools and roads, officials said.

Some schools and warehouses are being used for evacuation and relief operations, with volunteers receiving, packing and sending out donated goods.

“They’re catching up,” Taguiwalo said. “The evacuation centers are well set up, but my sense is that they’re not thinking ahead again in terms of what kind of assistance people will need in terms of household necessities, building materials.”

The government should consider providing vouchers to survivors, he said.

System Overwhelmed

The storm and floods have “really overwhelmed our system,” Anthony Golez, the officer in charge of the Office of Civil Defense, said in a phone interview yesterday.

An assessment of needs carried out by UN and Philippine officials will be completed by today as the basis for a “flash appeal” to be sent to the international community within five days, Jacqui Badcock, UN resident coordinator in the Philippines, said in an interview.

The last time the Philippines issued a flash appeal was in December 2006 after four typhoons that hit the Southeast Asian nation in a span of 10 weeks killed almost a thousand people.

The UN said in a statement it will provide food rations to about 180,000 people in the areas worst affected.

Clean water, food, cooking gas and medicines are difficult to find, said Cora Guidote, a corporate executive helping in relief operations in Marikina, northern Manila.

“The situation is pretty desperate,” she said. Business is “at a standstill because of mud and muck everywhere. People are tired of cleaning with very little sleep. Kids and old people are getting sick.”

One of two tropical depressions that formed east of the Philippines strengthened to a tropical storm overnight, according to the U.S. Navy Joint Typhoon Warning center. Tropical Storm Parma, the 19th storm of the northwest Pacific cyclone season, was 802 kilometers (510 miles) southwest of Guam with winds of 74 kilometers per hour at 8 a.m. Philippines time today, the center said.

The storm was moving southwest at 28 kilometers per hour and is expected to turn to the northwest and strengthen to a typhoon by Oct. 2. It may approach Luzon as early as one day after that.

“We’re preparing more goods, more water for the people” ahead of the new storm, Red Cross’s Pang said. People in evacuation centers may have to stay until the next storm is over, she added.

Ketsana, called Ondoy in the Philippines, crossed the coast of central Vietnam today, killing at least 23 people in Vietnam, the Associated Press reported, citing disaster officials.

Ketsana is the deadliest storm to hit the Philippines since Typhoon Fengshen slammed into the eastern island of Samar in June last year, leaving 730 people dead and 637 missing.

Death web poll on Obama

September 29, 2009

The US Secret Service is investigating a poll posted on social networking site Facebook asking people if they think President Obama “should be killed

The poll, posted on Saturday, was taken off the site as soon as the company was made aware of it. It was put up on the site using a third-party application that was unconnected with the social networking site itself. US officials said they would take “the appropriate investigative steps”.

The poll, described by Facebook as “offensive”, asked respondents “Should Obama be killed?” and offered four possible responses: “No”, “Maybe”, “Yes”, and “Yes if he cuts my health care”. Like any threat to the US president’s life, the poll is being probed by the US Secret Service, which is charged with protecting the president.

“We take… these things seriously, said Darrin Blackford, a Secret Service spokesman. The social networking site said it would co-operate with the investigation.

We’re working with the US Secret Service, but they’ll need to provide any details of their investigation,” said Barry Schnitt, Facebook’s spokesman for policy.

The social networking site Facebook on Monday pulled a third-party application that allows users to create polls after a site member built a poll asking if President Obama should be killed.There are more than 350,000 applications on Facebook. The company says it disables any that violate its terms.

The U.S. Secret Service, the agency assigned to protect the president, has launched an investigation, agency spokesman James Mackin said.

“As is usually the case, our vigilant users reported it to us first,” Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt told CNN. “The USSS [Secret Service] sent us an e-mail late this morning PDT asking us to take it down. At that point, it had already been removed, and we let them know.”

obama on facebook

Schnitt said the application “was immediately suspended while the inappropriate content could be removed by the developer and until such time as the developer institutes better procedures to monitor their user-generated content.”

Facebook allows third-party developers to create applications — such as polls and quizzes — which are then made available to Facebook users, who use the applications to create specific content. Users may choose to make their content available to the general population of Facebook or limit it only to their friends.In this case, Schnitt said, the user made the poll asking whether Obama should be killed available to the general public.The possible responses to the poll were “yes,” “maybe,” “if he cuts my health care” and “no.”

President Obama faces a daunting fall to-do list against the backdrop of an American public losing enthusiasm on a variety of issues.

President Obama’s top priorities this fall are health care and financial reform.
Obama’s agenda ranges from dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions to traveling to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago for the 2016 Olympics — a trip the president said two weeks ago he could not take because he was working on health care.

“Health care reform has been his No. 1 priority issue here domestically. He wanted to make sure that if he went, that it wouldn’t have an adverse impact on that, so he’s going for just a day,” said senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.

And health care will still be at the top of the list when the president gets back. This fall, his priorities are health care and financial reform, one Capitol Hill source said. But health care reform will require a hands-on approach. The Senate Democratic leadership is looking for presidential guidance in creating one bill out of two very different ones — all the while holding onto enough votes to pass it.

And as for Obama‘s other goal, the administration sent financial reform legislation to the Hill and on both sides, committee work has begun, but it’s a long way from cooked.

A number of Capitol Hill players say privately that anything beyond health care and financial regulation would be a miracle this year.

On the global scene, in addition to Iran, Obama also must deal with winding down the war in Iraq and deciding what’s next for the U.S. in Afghanistan — and whether more troops are needed.

“I think you saw [Defense Secretary Robert] Gates say that a resource request that he gets will not be sent here to the White House until he believes and the president believes that we are in a position having reached a consensus on moving forward,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said.

Also worth noting, Obama’s goal of closing down the prison at Guantanamo Bay is proving to be difficult — and slow enough that his original deadline of January 2010 is no longer a deadline.

“We are not focused on whether or not the deadline will or won’t be met on a particular day. We’re focused on assuring that the facility is closed,” Gibbs said.

And then of course, there is the unknown — the unpredictable things that require immediate attention in any presidency.

It’s a lot — but during the campaign, then-candidate Obama seemed to know what he was getting into, telling voters, “presidents are going to have to deal with more than one thing at a time.”


July 2, 2009

Homosexuality is mostly believed a prohibited subject by both Indian civil society and the government. Sexual acts “against the order of nature” remain illegal in India. But Indian Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that consensual sex between adults of the same gender is legal in the country. But any homosexual act without the consent of either partner remains a criminal offense. Indira Jaisingh, counsel for the Non profit Naz Foundation which had challenged the law, told CNN& BBC. India‘s Ministry of Home Affairs opposed changes to the law on grounds that decriminalizing homosexual conduct would “open the floodgates of delinquent behavior. The Delhi High Court, which is hearing a petition challenging the arrests under Section 377 of IPC that bans sexual relationships among people of the same gender, has directed the government to spell out its stand clearly on the issue. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had asked the ministries of Home and Health to resolve the differences over the issues and give a comprehensive response to the Delhi High Court.
But the fact is that the government could never arrive at a consensus on this controversial issue. Former home minister Shivraj Patil and former health minister Anbumani Ramadoss had taken divergent stand on the issue before the court. In view of the urgency of the matter, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram proposes to convene a meeting to discuss the controversial section of the IPC. While Chidambaram and Law Minister Veerappa Moily are understood to be in favour of repealing the provision of the IPC, the response of Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad is awaited.

More than 80 countries have legislation that criminalizes sex between individuals of the same sex. UNAIDS is urging all governments to respect the rights and dignity of men who have sex with men, lesbians and transgender people through repealing laws that prohibit sexual acts between consenting adults; enforcing laws to protect these groups from violence and discrimination; promoting campaigns that address homophobia and Tran phobia, and ensuring that the crucial health services are met. The International AIDS Conference in 2008 heard that even in countries with generalized heterosexual epidemics, gay men and other men who have sex with men are disproportionately affected by HIV, and the laws criminalizing sex between men and homophobia stand in the way of HIV prevention.

Attack on Russian regional leader

June 22, 2009

The president of the southern Russian republic of Ingushetia has been wounded in an assassination attempt, apparently launched by a suicide bomber.Yunus-Bek Yevkurov is said to be in critical but stable condition in hospital, with head and chest injuries. Reports said one bodyguard was killed and several others were wounded, after a car travelling at high speed rammed the president’s vehicle. Ingushetia, which neighbours Chechnya, has seen violence soar recently. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called the attack, in the city of Nazran, “an act of terror”. He has ordered the interior ministry and the Federal Security Service (FSB) “to fully investigate the attack on the Ingush president’s life and to take all the necessary law-enforcement efforts”, presidential press secretary Natalya Timakova said. Charred shellThe attack was launched at about 0820 (0420 GMT) as the president’s motorcade passed, carrying him to work, an official told Itar-Tass news agency. The brother of the president was among at least three bodyguards injured in the attack, he said. Witnesses said they saw a 4×4 vehicle – apparently the president’s – on the road with broken windows and bodywork damage. The charred shell of another car – presumably the bomber’s – lay at the bottom of an embankment. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but it seems probable that it was carried out by Muslim separatists fighting against Moscow’s rule in Ingushetia, says the BBCs Rupert Wingfield-Hayes in Moscow. Monday’s attack is the third on a senior figure in Ingushetia in as many weeks. On June 10, gunmen killed the deputy chief supreme court justice in Nazran as she dropped her children at a kindergarten. Three days later, the region’s former vice prime minister was shot dead outside his home in Nazran. Hundreds of refugees from the wars in Chechnya have settled in Ingushetia, a mainly Muslim republic, which is itself one of Russia’s poorest regions. The insurgency in Chechnya has largely been suppressed, but the violence has spilled over and now seems to be escalating in Ingushetia and Dagestan. President Yevkurov, a former paratrooper general, was installed by the Kremlin last year to try to bring stability to Ingushetia. Mr Medvedev paid tribute to the progress made by Mr Yevkurov, saying: “The Ingush president did much recently both to bring order and… civil peace to the republic. The bandits did not like this activity.”

Australia row over ‘fake’ e-mail

June 22, 2009

An e-mail at the centre of opposition attempts to oust Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is a fake, according to police.The e-mail was purported to have been sent to a treasury official by Mr Rudd’s office, to help his car dealer friend get a government loan.Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull said the e-mail showed Mr Rudd had abused his position and must resign. Analysts say this is the biggest test Mr Rudd has faced since he was elected. Australian media have dubbed the affair “Utegate“, as the car dealer in question, John Grant, had lent Mr Rudd a “ute” – a two-seater pick-up truck – for use in his constituency.

Escalating row

Opposition politicians believe Mr Rudd tried to help Mr Grant secure money from a Treasury fund called OzCar to help his business cope with the global economic slump.The row began on Friday, when Treasury official Godwin Grech told a Senate committee he thought he could remember receiving an e-mail regarding funding for the car salesman, but added he had no proof .Police were called in to search Mr Grech’s home on Monday and specialists examined his computer equipment.Preliminary results of those forensic examinations indicate that the e-mail referred to at the centre of this investigation has been created by a person or persons other than the purported author of the e-mail,” the Australian Federal Police said in a statement on Monday. The row forced a special session of parliament in which the two sides demanded resignations. Mr Rudd had given Mr Turnbull an ultimatum to produce the e-mail in the parliamentary session, or resign.It is false, fake and a forgery. There can be no graver offence in public political life than to be in the business of communicating a document that is false, out there, through the media, in order to bring your political opponent down,” Mr Rudd said.He told parliament the opposition had failed to provide the evidence so had “no alternative now but to stand up and apologise and resign”.But Mr Turnbull mounted his own attack, telling parliament: “What we have here is a shocking abuse of power.We have a treasurer who has used his considerable influence to get a favour for a mate. And not just any mate – a mate who is a benefactor of the prime minister,” he said.Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey demanded Mr Rudd and Treasurer Wayne Swan should both stand down.

Apple’s iPhone 3G S debuts

June 19, 2009

Customers lined up at Apple Stores around the world to be among the first to own the new iPhone 3G S, which went on sale Friday. Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) began its rolling release of the iPhone 3G S in the United States at 7 a.m. ET. It then debuted in successive time zones each hour. (For more on the iPhone 3G S launch, see the Apple 2.0 blog) About 300 people stood outside the Apple Store on New York’s 5th Avenue — some of them since early Thursday — waiting for the doors to open. Inside the store, employees were seen being briefed about the new phone’s features before selling it to customers. I got on line at 2 a.m.,” said Luis Palacios, 22, of New York, who was one of the first to emerge from the store with a new iPhone. “It was really early, but it was worth it for the video.”

images.jpg 2

Though lines were long, they were shorter than anticipated — the Apple Store put out many more yards of metal barriers than necessary. An Apple Store employee said it would likely take about three hours to sell iPhone to the customers who were lined up before the store opened. He said the line was longer during the last iPhone release in July.

Joining the would-be buyers were lots of reporters looking to see if the new device, unveiled at the Apple developers’ conference in San Francisco earlier this month, would attract the hubbub of previous iPhone versions.

The new smart phone comes equipped with a 3-megapixel camera with video capturing and editing capabilities, improved battery life with up to 12 hours of talk time and 30 hours of audio, voice-command control, and a built-in digital compass.

“The new iPhone is redefining what people can do on a phone,” said Calvin Evans, an app designer for “We’re now able to live stream complete games on a handheld device.”

The 16-gigabyte iPhone 3G S can be had for $199 with a new contract with exclusive carrier AT&T. The 32-gigabyte version costs $299 with a new activation.

Apple will also continue to sell a second-generation iPhone 3G with 8 gigabytes of memory for $99. The new OS 3.0 operating system, which was launched last week, comes installed on the iPhone 3G S, and is available for free download on all existing iPhone. OS 3.0 enables users to cut, copy and paste for all applications, which iPhone users have long demanded. The operating system also features an undo gesture, which will undo the last action by shaking the phone.

The launch comes less than a week after rival Palm (PALM) unveiled its much ballyhooed Pre smart phone on the Sprint (S, Fortune 500) network and Research In Motion (RIMM) announced it will debut the new Blackberry Tour on Sprint and Version (VZ, Fortune 500) in the coming months.

Despite ramped-up competition, Apple is hopeful the phone will help the company solidify itself as a smart phone leader. The last time Apple released a new version of its popular smart phone, the iPhone 3G, in July 2008, the company was able to rack up significant smart phone market share.

In the third quarter of 2008, Apple controlled a 30.1% share, up from just 7.4% in the second quarter and second only to Blackberry maker Research In Motion, which controlled 40.4%, according to IDC data. But Apple’s share has slipped significantly since then, falling to just 19.5%, compared to 55.3% for RIM


Piper Jaffrey’s senior research analyst Gene Munster said he expects Apple to sell 500,000 iPhone over the weekend. That’s half of what Apple sold during the 3G launch, though that phone launched in 21 countries compared to eight for the 3G S. Still, that’s much more than the 50,000 Pres that analysts estimate Palm sold in the first two days of sales.

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Shiney admits ‘mistake’

June 17, 2009

While the Mumbai police said on Tuesday that actor Shiney Ahuja has admitted he made a ”mistake” by having ”consensual sex” with themaid who has levelled allegations of rape against him, they also said the teenaged girl has described a ”violent” and traumatic scene.
Police officers confirmed that they have received a report from the Nagpada police hospital saying that medical tests show the girl was sexually assaulted. However, while the girl had injuries on her private parts, indicating forcible sex, there was no evidence of injuries elsewhere on her body.
According to a senior police officer, the victim was allegedly hit by Ahuja while she was resisting him. An officer said, ”As per her statement to us, Ahuja became so desperate that he hit her. He pinned her hands down and raped her. She felt severe pain in her private parts after the alleged rape.”

The officer further stated that the victim told the police that her condition was so bad that she could not get up for almost half an hour after the incident. The officer said what the girl described was a ”violent rape”. When the girl first came to the police station, ”she looked completely shattered, just like what a rape victim would go through”, said the officer.
Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja’s maid has accused him of raping her on Sunday, when the two were alone at home. Ahuja has been remanded in police custody till Thursday.

The police on Tuesday also recorded the statement of another maidservant working at the actor’s house, who described Ahuja as a ”good person”. This maid, who had left the house about two hours before the alleged incident, reportedly gave a statement in favour of the actor.
An interrogator said that Ahuja has told the police that ”he made a mistake, but with the girl’s consent”.
However, the interrogator added that the police have enough evidence to prove Ahuja guilty of rape. Ahuja has also been arrested for wrongful confinement and giving a death threat.
While the actor regretted what had happened and told interrogators that the sex was consensual, police said he had no reply to why the alleged victim filed a rape complaint. When the police asked him why the girl filed a case, Ahuja reportedly said, ”I don’t know.”
Zonal deputy commissioner of police Niket Kaushik said, ”We have received the medical report from the police hospital, which supports the FIR. The report also indicates the victim’s age as being 17 to 18 years. We are going to conduct an age determination test to find out her exact age.”

The girl reportedly broke down twice while giving her statement to the police on Sunday evening. She was accompanied by a family member to whom she was taken after the alleged incident by a lady who got her the job at the Ahujas’ house.

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Shiney Ahuja in police custody

June 16, 2009

A day after Shiney Ahuja was accused of rape by his maidservant, police arrested the 36-year-old Indian Bollywood actor early on Monday andProduced him in the Andheri magistrate’s court. The actor, who debuted in `Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’ and went on to act in films such as `Gangster’ and `Woh Lamhe’, was remanded in police custody till Thursday.
Police told that they were awaiting results of medical tests to establish if the maid was below 18 and a minor. Doctors at the police hospital told that tests showed she was 17 to 18, which left the matter ambiguous.
The maid lodged a complaint on Sunday, alleging that Shiney raped her when the two of them were alone at home. Police sources said that Shiney’s wife Anupam Ahuja hired the maid about a month-and-a-half ago. Anupam was out of town when the alleged incident occurred. Two other hired helps, a cook and a full-time maid, were not at home.
The complainant told the police that she had come for domestic work to Ahuja’s flat. The actor’s wife was not at home. “He took me into his bedroom, gagged and raped me,” the victim is believed to have said in the FIR. The incident took place between 3 pm and 5 pm on Sunday. “The complainant told the police that she was traumatized after the incident and went to her relatives’ place that along with the girl then approached the police station,” said DCP Niket Kaushik.
The maid reportedly told police that Shiney had made advances towards her on Saturday afternoon but she resisted him. On Sunday, he allegedly called her into his room asking for water. When the victim went in with a glass of water, the actor locked the room from inside and allegedly gagged and raped her. The girl alleged in her complaint that thereafter, Shiney locked her in the room for two hours before letting her go.
As the maid left the house crying, the actor’s next-door neighbors enquired if there was a problem. She allegedly narrated a bit of the story to them. The Oshiwara police have recorded the statement of the neighbors.
The victim then went to her relatives’ place and later approached the Oshiwara police. The police picked up Shiney for questioning from his residence on Sunday. Shiney was arrested at 4.25am on Monday under Indian Penal Code sections 376 (rape), 342 (wrongful confinement) and 506 (death threat).

Police alleged the actor threatened to kill the girl if she disclosed the incident to anyone. Niket Kaushik, zonal deputy commissioner of police, said, “He did some inappropriate acts on Saturday, but the victim had let it go. But on Sunday, he raped her when he found her alone in the house.”
The actor’s full-time maid had reportedly gone to church about two hours before the incident took place. Police are likely to make the actor’s two servants witnesses in the case.
The police have sealed the actor’s flat, which will be handed over to the family once forensic experts complete their investigation. On Monday, forensic experts visited the flat along with the police and collected evidence. They will examine the flat for the next few days.
Police said Shiney was not cooperating with the investigation. Kaushik said, “We are interrogating him about the incident. We are not satisfied with his replies.”


Early life

Shiney Ahuja was born in New Delhi. Shiney’s father is from army background and mother hails from Kerala. His early schooling was done at St. Xavier’s School, Ranchi, where after, he studied at The Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi. Ahuja’s initial plans were to join the armed forces. But soon thereafter, Shiney was attracted to Theater and while studying at Hans Raj College from 1992-1996, University of Delhi, he joined the Barry Johns Acting School in Delhi. Sometime after 1996, Shiney Ahuja moved to Mumbai.


Shiney Ahuja, before making his debut in films Shiney did modeling and some commercial adverts. He then appeared in a music video for the British Asian band Stereo Nation.Ahuja made his acting debut with the critically acclaimed Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi which debuted at various film festivals in 2004 and was released in theaters in 2005. The film won Shiney Ahuja rave reviews and was viewed as one of the best films of that year. In 2006 Ahuja was awarded Best male debut by Film fare Awards, Screen Awards, IIFA Awards, Zee Cine Awards and Stardust Awards for his performance. He however grew more familiar with mainstream audiences with Karam (2005), where he starred alongside John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra.He then became popular with his title role in Mahesh Bhatt’s Gangster. Police Arrested Shiney Ahuja in connection with a rape case. Ahuja’s teenaged domestic maid lodged an FIR against the actor alleging that he had raped her while they were alone at the actor’s flat.

Personal life

Shiney Ahuja is married to Anupam Ahuja (née Pandey), from Delhi, of Bihari descent[. They have a son, born in 2007.Bollywood’s rising star Shiney Ahuja, who was arrested here late Sunday night for allegedly raping his maid, has been sent to a three day police remand.Shiney, who was presented before the court on Monday has been sent to police remand till 18the June under the order issued by Andheri Court. The actor’s viscera report is still awaited. Meanwhile, Ahuja will have to stay at the Oshiwara police station, which is incidentally right opposite his residence. Earlier on Sunday, the actor’s 18-year-old maid had lodged a complaint alleging rape charges on Shiney with the Oshiwara police station in Andheri (West) on Sunday evening, and police had summoned and detained Ahuja for questioning which eventually lead to his arrest. The actor has been booked under section 376 (rape), section 339 (wrongful restraint) and section 506 (threatening to kill the victim) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).


  • 2006: Screen Awards: Most Promising Newcomer – Male – Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi
  • 2006: Zee Cine Award for Best Male Debut- Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi
  • 2006: IIFA Awards: Best Debut- Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi
  • 2006: Stardust Awards: Best debut actor- Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi
  • 2007: IIFA Awards: Best Actor (Critics) – Gangster
  • 2007: Society Young Achiever’s Award – Gangster
  • 2008: Kalakar Awards: Best actor – Khoya Khoya Chand

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