Shiney admits ‘mistake’

While the Mumbai police said on Tuesday that actor Shiney Ahuja has admitted he made a ”mistake” by having ”consensual sex” with themaid who has levelled allegations of rape against him, they also said the teenaged girl has described a ”violent” and traumatic scene.
Police officers confirmed that they have received a report from the Nagpada police hospital saying that medical tests show the girl was sexually assaulted. However, while the girl had injuries on her private parts, indicating forcible sex, there was no evidence of injuries elsewhere on her body.
According to a senior police officer, the victim was allegedly hit by Ahuja while she was resisting him. An officer said, ”As per her statement to us, Ahuja became so desperate that he hit her. He pinned her hands down and raped her. She felt severe pain in her private parts after the alleged rape.”

The officer further stated that the victim told the police that her condition was so bad that she could not get up for almost half an hour after the incident. The officer said what the girl described was a ”violent rape”. When the girl first came to the police station, ”she looked completely shattered, just like what a rape victim would go through”, said the officer.
Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja’s maid has accused him of raping her on Sunday, when the two were alone at home. Ahuja has been remanded in police custody till Thursday.

The police on Tuesday also recorded the statement of another maidservant working at the actor’s house, who described Ahuja as a ”good person”. This maid, who had left the house about two hours before the alleged incident, reportedly gave a statement in favour of the actor.
An interrogator said that Ahuja has told the police that ”he made a mistake, but with the girl’s consent”.
However, the interrogator added that the police have enough evidence to prove Ahuja guilty of rape. Ahuja has also been arrested for wrongful confinement and giving a death threat.
While the actor regretted what had happened and told interrogators that the sex was consensual, police said he had no reply to why the alleged victim filed a rape complaint. When the police asked him why the girl filed a case, Ahuja reportedly said, ”I don’t know.”
Zonal deputy commissioner of police Niket Kaushik said, ”We have received the medical report from the police hospital, which supports the FIR. The report also indicates the victim’s age as being 17 to 18 years. We are going to conduct an age determination test to find out her exact age.”

The girl reportedly broke down twice while giving her statement to the police on Sunday evening. She was accompanied by a family member to whom she was taken after the alleged incident by a lady who got her the job at the Ahujas’ house.

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