November 26 ,2008 turned out to be a real black day for Mumbai as the terrorist attack ed in several places in Mumbai .Famous heritage icon like Hotel Taj,Oberoi ,Chatrapatisivaji terminal ,and many other place were attack by few unidentified group of people .Hundred were injured & many got killed in the incident. The terrorist hostages many people for almost three days .This was the first ever attack where the assailants killed many people and dared to come in limelite.National security Guard (NSG),Mumbai ATS,State reserve police force& other commando are sent to the site .The battle took place for almost three days before combing & sanitizing the whole area. Hotel Taj took the longest time to take to complete sanitized of the terrorist. The entire terrorist got killed under the operation & one got arrested .Many police personnel and chief also got killed in the operation. In the whole operation 9 terrorist, 20 security perssone, 183 civilian got killed. Many foreign tourists were also killed in that whole operation. More than 300 person were injured .The whole act took almost four days before getting all the areas cleared off & ensuring that would be no other assailant left. The whole World was stunned and watches the incident with awe .The incident was also linked to terrorist outfit in Pakistan.


For this we need to many things ,but most importantly we need to fix our crime justice system to ensure that such criminal injustice are prevented and who are those guilty are swiftly brought to books .We have a largely insensitive ,communal ,corrupt and failed judicial system .therefore we need a major public campaign for that .



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