Special squad of India

India along with whole world is facing the threat of terrorism in different forms. Keeping this in the mind several state governments created their own special force. To handle terror related threated, STF, HUNTERS, GREYHOUND are some of the special squad to tackle terrorism and related violence.

What is Marcos?-“Marcos is short form of “ ”Marine commandos” also known as marine commando force (MCF)It is an elite special operation unit of the India navy .MARCOS group came into being in 1987 Along with the NSG. The first unit was called The Indian marine special force /and was later remand as Marine commando force (MCF) in 1991. They are also locally known as the Dadiwaly Fauj since they are only the unit of the Indian armed force that permits non skis recruits to maintain breads. MARCOS is very secretive organization & it is said that no officer never reveled he is with MARCOS .The MCF currently operates out of the navel based at Mumbai based INS.


What is ATS: The anti terrorism squad as it is usually called Anti-terrorist squad is a unit of about 30-35 officers of the state police to tackle the terrorism menaces .It is formed with the special objective.

  • To get information about the anti-national element
  • To coordinate with the central information agency like IB,RAW & exchange information with them
  • To track & eliminate activities of mafia & other organized crime syndicates
  • To detect racket of counterfeit currency note & smuggling narcotic substances
  • To coordinate with similar agency of other state

What is ATF: Special Task Force is a generally armed regular unit of a state government police created to undertake specific or special task such as check dacoits of chamble of Madhya Pradesh, counter militancy of Assam

What is NSG: National security guard is a special unit preliminarily utilized for counter terrorism activities .It was created by the Cabinets secretariat under the national security guard act of the parliament in 1985. The NSG operates under the ministry of Home affairs .The NSG member is called Black Cat.


What is SPG: Special Protection Groups is the executive protection agency of the govt. of India. It is responsible for the protection of the political official, & theirs family member .The force was established in 1985.The SPG personnel are under go a tanning similar to that conducted by the united state of secrete service.


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