1. Pearl of the Pacific –Guayaquil port.
  2. Pillars of Hercules-Strait of Gibraltar
  3. Play ground of Europe-Switzerland
  4. Pink City-Jaipur,India
  5. Quaker city-Philadelphia
  6. Queen of the Arabian Sea-Cochin
  7. Queen of the Adriatic-Venice
  8. Rich cost-Coasta Rica
  9. Rich port-Puerto Rica
  10. Roof of the World-Pamir (Tibet)
  11. The sea of Mountains –British Columbia
  12. Sorrow of Bengal-Damodar(West Bengal)
  13. Sorrow of China-Hwang-Ho /Yellow River
  14. The saw mills of Europe-Sweden
  15. Sick man of Europe-Turkey
  16. Spice garden of India-Kerala
  17. Sugar Blow of India-Utter Pradesh
  18. Sugar Blow of the World-Cuba
  19. The Store House of the World-Mexico
  20. The Down Under –Australia
  21. Venice of The North-Stokholm
  22. White City-Belgrade
  23. Windy City-Chicago
  24. White Man’s grave-Guinea cost
  25. Workshop Of Europe-Belgium
  26. The spice island of the east-Grenada
  27. The mother colony of west Indies-St. Kitts
  28. City of Arabian Knights-Baghdad
  29. Twin city-Budapest
  30. The Imperial city-Rome
  31. Golden city-Johannesburg
  32. The Eye of Greece-Athens
  33. The modern Babylon-London
  34. Blue Mountains-Nilgiri Hills
  35. Bread Basket of the world –Prairies of North
  36. Britain of south-New Zealand
  37. Battle field of Europe-Belgium
  38. City of dreaming Spires-Oxford
  39. City of golden gate-San Francisco
  40. City of golden temple-Amritsar
  41. City of Magnificent Distance-Washington D.C
  42. City of palaces-Calcutta
  43. City of popes-Rome
  44. City of seven Hills-Rome
  45. City of Sky Scrapers-New York
  46. Cockpit of Europe-Belgium
  47. Dark Continent-Africa
  48. Dairy of northern Europe-Belgium
  49. Emerald Island-Ireland
  50. Empire city-New York
  51. Eternal city-Rome
  52. Forbidden city-Lahaska
  53. Garden city-Bangalore
  54. Garden of England-Kent
  55. Gate of tears –Strait of-el-Mandeb
  56. Gateway of India-Bombay
  57. Granite city –Aberdeen
  58. Gift of Nile-Egypt
  59. Gibraltar of Indian ocean-Aden
  60. Herring pond-Atlantic ocean
  61. Hermit Kingdom-Korea
  62. Holy Land –Palestine
  63. Island Continent-Australia
  64. Island of Cloves –Madagascar
  65. Island of Pearls-Bahrain
  66. Key to Mediterranean-Gibraltar
  67. Land of Cakes –Scotland
  68. Land of the Flying Fish-Barbados
  69. Land of Golden Fleece-Australia
  70. Land of Kangaroo-Australia
  71. Land of Golden Pagoda-Myanmar
  72. Land of Five River –Punjab
  73. Land of Humming Bird- Trinidad
  74. Land of Lilies-Canada
  75. Land of maple-Canada
  76. Land of Midnight sun-Norway
  77. Land of Morning Calm-Korea
  78. Land of Rising Sun-Japan
  79. Land of Thousand Lakes-Finland
  80. Land of white Elephant –Thailand
  81. Land of Snow-Canada
  82. Little Venice –Venezuela
  83. Manchester of India-Mumbai
  84. Mother-in law of Europe –Denmark
  85. Pearl of Antilles-Cuba

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