Largest National Perk North east Greenland National perk (972000)sq km.
Highest Petrol Pump Leh Ladakh
Largest Peninsula Arabia
Largest Planet Jupiter
Smallest & Oldest Planet Pluto
Planet Closet to Sun Mercury
Planet Closest to Earth Venus
Brightest & Hottest Planet Venus
Farthest Planet Neptune
Greatest Plateau Tibetan Plateau in central Asia
Largest Railway Platform Kharagpur,West Bengal
Highest Road in India Khardungla,ladakh
Largest Reef Great Barrief Reef
Largest & Biggest River Amazon (6290 km)
Shortest River Roe river in Montana
Largest Sea South China Sea
Largest Stadium Strahov in praha
Longest Strait Malacca Strait
Largest Archipelago Indonesia (13000 Island)
Smallest Country Vatican State
Longest Cannel Suez Cannel ,161 km
Highest Capital Lhasa(3684m above sea level)
Highest City Wenchaun (china)5100 m above sea level
Largest Continent Asia
Smallest Continent Australia
Largest Country Russia
Driest Place Atacama Desert ,Chile
Hottest Place Al Aziza
Rainiest Place Mawyaram,near Cherapunji
Highest Water fall Salto Angel Fall,Venezuel

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