Transparency in Public Administration

In a democratic country like India, where all the agent of public must be responsible for their conduct. The people of this country have right to know every public act.In Indian context the connected series or group between politician, bureaucrats, criminal & policies know as a clumsy fact.. Corruption has rooted in all walks of life. Every wing of the administration is rotten with corrupt practice. The right to know or need of transparency in public administration becomes too important to keep it away any longer.Transparency means knowing the reason, facts, logic, and basis of decision taken by the administration. Transparency in public administration in legal term means that a citizen of India has a right to have access to the information about the govt.Denial of such information to the public authority with out appropriate reason would be offence under the court of law. Though the Supreme Court has recently gave a constitutional status for the right to know.

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Undisputedly, Transparency in public administration will make the executive more responsible & friendly. The red tapes prevailed in the administration will be minimized as the public become more powerful. Transparency will positively result in wiping out the one man rule  & impulsive  way of working of the so called powerful bureaucrats under the patronage of politician. The discretion enjoyed by the bureaucrats & the minister also come into focus, as soon as the transparency in public administration is restored. Unfortunately “secrecy is a rule &b transparency is an exception, while the demand of time is transparency every where and secrecy be limited to the case of pertains only to the National Security.

In the contemporary world, effective democratic governance is Fix firmly and stably, among other factors, Democracy cannot Grow vigorously in an environment of secrecy, as the free flow of data is imperative for people to follow and inspect the operations of a representative government, assess the policies and decisions. Open government, which can promote a culture of Complete and confirmed integrity within the public service, facilitates the act of combining into an integral whole and gradual deepening of democracy. It strengthens the structures of accountability by applying the necessary means to reduce Wrongful conduct by a public official and corruption in public organizations. The more transparent a government is, the fewer will be the opportunities for public administrators and managers to resort to corrupt practices in the tasks they perform and deeper will be people’s capacity to exercise control over arbitrary state power. Framing public policies behind closed doors or adhering to obscure procurement and financial practices can lead to making Containing or characterized by error choices that may have adverse implications for the community and beyond. The immoderate exercise of bureaucratic discretion in a closed secretive environment or the influence of non-transparent corporate culture and the almost unbound volition of oligopolies to control competition in the market place result in corruption. Thus in the symbiotic relationship between corruption and opacity, discretion and monopoly are critical factors, and the social and economic fallout of inordinate opacity and pervasive corruption can be a bane for democracy and development.

Despite this entire shortcoming, legislation, guaranteeing the right to information is a major step towards ensuring a participatory development process in the country. To make the law truly effective, the active participation of the community at large is very much essential.


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